09 aprile 2018

b Solitaire in name, precious elements for your home in fact

Solitaire in name, precious in fact. The new bulthaup furniture creations are called b Solitaire and have been designed to meet the space and beauty needs of your home. The family of b Solitaire is versatile and changes face by changing a shelf or unit. Depending on preferences and uses, it is in fact possible to choose from among various elements, also in terms of materials and sizes.

Positioned freely in the space and accessible from every side, the bulthaup b Solitaire is the leitmotif between various living areas, between the living and dining area. Discover the whole bulthaup b Solitaire line and visit us at our new showroom in Porta Nuova in the heart of Milan.

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The bulthaup b Solitaire range consists of:

Table and bench

The heart of domestic life, the b Solitaire table and bench have unrepeatable grains that make them unique pieces. The b Solitaire table is made of matte black aluminium with tone-on-tone bolts with different functions: they are the ideal continuation of the supporting structure, they connect the table frame and top and evenly distribute the tensions generated in the wood, creating optical eye-catching effects. The b Solitaire bench is made of solid oak with leather upholstery with natural tanning. Comfort that becomes an invitation to stay seated and linger around the table.

Element for day

To display knowledge, memories and collections, the b Solitaire day element is a natural display of beauty to collect life experiences and make them immortal. Extremely versatile, it can have different elements according to personal preferences. Shelves, extractable elements and adjustable grids with variable height, offer space for ideas, both small and large.


Glass displays and protects. The combination of utmost transparency and robust elegance make glass an essential and precious part of the b Solitaires. The glass surface with perfect edges leaves objects visible and gives them a natural showcase to be admired.


The 12 cm top is made of solid oak slats. The starting point of your b Solitaire is always our wood, a living creature that evolves and transforms over time, assimilating your experience to make it unique.

Stainless steel

The solid stainless steel surface, only 0.5 cm thick, is satin-finished to give opacity and a highly expressive character. The frame of b Solitaire can have different elements