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Product Description

Tipologia: built-in warming food drawer

Colore: black glass and stainless steel finish

Stato del prodotto: from exposure (new), with instruction booklet

Built-in warming drawer that can be combined with the True to Food by Signature Kitchen Suite multifunction oven.
– 4 different levels of operation: 1 (40°C) to make dough rise or warm plates and cups; 2 (55°C) to keep foods such as eggs or bread warm; 3 (70°C) to bake potatoes or mash; 4 (80°C) to bake cake mixes.
– A bright LED light indicates when the product is in operation.
– WI-FI ready, prepared for connection to the home network and enabled for SmartThinQ® control with iOS/ Android app .
– The Smart Diagnosis system allows the drawer to be checked for proper operation directly through the Signature Kitchen Suite app.

Temperature levels: 40°C-55°C -70°C-80°C
Power supply required: 230 V, 50 Hz
Power supply
Total width: 59,4 cm
Total height: 13,9 cm
Total depth: 53,1 cm