013 - SKS0V2411S


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Product Description

Tipologia: multifunction combi steam oven

Colore: black glass and stainless steel finish

Stato del prodotto: from exposure (new), with instruction booklet

Main features:

– 18 cooking modes: Hot Air, Eco Hot Air, Static, Ventilated, Pizza, Roast, Low Temp Roast, Roast+ with Quick Heat, Small Grill, Large Grill, Leavening, Keeping Warm, Thawing, Warming, Bottom Heat, 100% Steam, Sous Vide, Adding Steam

– Accessories included: 2 telescoping rails, 1 metal rack, 1 high drip pan, 1 baking sheet, 1 perforated drip pan

– 20 Automatic ‘Gourmet Chef’ Programs

– Automatically opening and cushioned handle-less door

– Motion sensor

– 100& steam cooking with adjustment to degree C°

– Descaling function

– Drying function

– Water tank capacity: 1L

– LED interior lighting
Dimension: 59,4 x 55,3 x 59,7 cm (W x D x H)